Why Vectra

The fastest way to detect and stop cyber attackers – from users and IoT devices to data centers and the cloud

Vectra is Security that thinks®.

Detect threats faster

What makes Vectra different in the fight against cyber attackers?

Real-time cyber attack visibility

Vectra provides real-time attack visibility and non-stop automated threat hunting that's powered by artificial intelligence and always-learning threat behavior models. This enables Vectra to quickly and efficiently find elusive cyber attackers in your network before they cause irreparable damage.

Blind-spot-free threat detection

Vectra analyzes all traffic in networks and in virtualized environments to gain high-fidelity visibility into the actions of all devices – including IoT and BYOD – from the campus to remote locations to the data center to the cloud, leaving attackers with nowhere to hide.

Augment the work of Tier 1 security analysts

Vectra offloads Tier 1 security analysts by eliminating the need to manually chase-down every security event. By automating the hunt for hidden cyber attackers in networks and virtualized environments, security analysts can focus immediately on stopping the threats that pose the greatest risk to your organization.

The right context, right now

Vectra eliminates manual threat hunting and enables you to respond quickly and decisively to threats by putting the most relevant information and context at your fingertips. We automatically prioritize, score and correlate detected threats with compromised hosts and key assets that are the targets of an attack.

Strengthen your security infrastructure

Vectra automates the blocking of hidden and customized attacks with existing firewalls, endpoint security, network access control and other enforcement points. We also provide the clearest starting point for a threat investigation to improve the efficiency of SIEMs and forensic tools.